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Hinge Releases

Colors Available

  • Black

  • Heavy Metal/Black Magic

MOREX Release Aid

Named after the sears themselves, the MOREX release comes in both medium or large sizes and two, three, four, deep swept four, and straight handle configurations. Like all STAN’s®, it offers a fit and feel you won’t forget through features like the removable pulling post that’s fully adjustable for projection and angle.

Our patent pending Trainer LockTM technology comes standard in the MOREX release line and offers a threaded hole in the handle to store the training pin.For those of you who still prefer a rope, the MOREX has a recess in the hinge to install a rope.

Sears |

STAN’s® MOREXTM sears are the most advanced hinge based sears on the market offering an unmatched level of precision in the market pioneered by our
namesake. The micro adjustable mechanism and two available clicker speeds (sold separately) make this the perfect back tension release for beginners and
professionals alike.


Feature Chart

Activation method
Handle Configuration
Handle Size/Material

† Available in Long Neck versions only

*Aggressive sweep versions have "DS" label at the end of handle name on the MOREX line.

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